Just Graduated

By Frank van der Linden

My name is Frank van der Linden, 25 years old and raised in’s-Hertogenbosch. In October 2014 my student life came to an end, as I obtained my master degree in finance. Currently, I am working as young professional at Eiffel, located in Arnhem.

In 2009 I started the bachelor business economics at Tilburg University, which I completed in 2013. During my third year of the bachelor the first problems arose. I realized my English skills were still insufficient, which wasn’t very practical as the bachelor thesis finance and master finance were completely in English. Therefore, I decided to extend my bachelor phase with an additional year. This gave me the opportunity to improve my English skills by participating a summer school in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as well as joining study association Asset | Accounting & Finance.

In 2012 former board member and good friend of mine Marjan Martens, puts me under pressure, in order to join A&F. At that time, I thought that members of study associations were a bunch of geeks lacking social capabilities. Nevertheless, I became member of A&F by joining the iFinance 2013 committee responsible for organizing a finance symposium. I shortly noticed that my opinion was completely misplaced, as I met a lot of wonderful people, which are nowadays still good friends of mine. Being chairman of iFinance 2013 definitely helped me developing my personal skills, which would never be the case by only attending college. Moreover, I was totally convinced that being member of A&F was a valuable addition to my student life. Therefore, after organizing a successful edition of iFinance, I joined the third lustrum committee, were I started as treasurer for the lustrum trip. Shortly, I also became the chairman of the general lustrum committee consisting of 10 people. Although, this was a huge challenge, I think we made it a great success. People are still talking about the classy gala, beer cantus in Bruges and the other exciting days during that week. It makes me still very proud, that I was part of the organization. I can say that joining A&F definitely enriched my student life, as it were one of the most exciting years of my life. Moreover, I can say that these extracurricular activities helped me a lot during job interviews.

Although, I attended a lot of recruiting activities during my master phase, I wasn´t convinced about what kind of company and job fits best to me. Therefore, I thought it would be useful to join a detachment company such as Eiffel. Eiffel gives me the opportunity to work for various companies and functions, which is very exciting. Additionally, it helps me explore what type of company and functions suits best to me. Currently, I am working for McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam to support the finance department. During four months I am responsible for setting up a staff and salary administration and the transition of this administration to a shared service center in Poland. Before this assignment, I worked for municipal Veenendaal, where I assisted the internal audit department. Most assignments have a duration of less than 8 months, which give me the opportunity to obtain a lot experience at various companies. Moreover, I think this job is very useful for my network, as I will meet many ambitious people. I am convinced that when I am ready for the next step in my career, my Eiffel experience will be crucial in order to find a job that suits me best.