Working at Wesselman Accountants | Adviseurs

Where are you from and what is your study background?
I was born in Veldhoven, but I grew up in Eindhoven. After obtaining my vwo-diploma I went to study at Tilburg University, where I graduated in Business Economics BSc. and Accountancy MSc. Currently, I am still studying at Tilburg University in order to graduate for my Post-master degree in Accountancy. This means that I am working four days in the week and attend lectures on Friday.

Why did you choose for Wesselman? How did you get in touch with them?
During my study, I visited multiple in-house days from different accounting firms, like the Big Four and mid-sized companies. It became clear to me that a mid-sized accounting firm fits me better and I got in touch with Wesselman. Wesselman offered me what I was looking for: a high degree of professionality in combination with a warm and personal approach, eye for development and lots of job satisfaction.

What do you like the most from working at Wesselman?
There are a several aspects I like from being a part of- and working for Wesselman. First of all, you get a unique look inside and behind the scenes of companies.

“What is their strategy? How do they control their company? What is their staff policy?”

Every company is different and has its own characteristics. At the same time, you are having conversations with the CEOs and CFOs and you get to know everything about their vision and goals. Second, I like the variety in the work I do and the variety of the teams and clients I am working with. Next to the audit of a company’s annual figures, I perform limited reviews and compile financial statements. Furthermore the client portfolio contains numerous clients from a wide variety of branches and sizes. Since this all takes place within a warm and personal environment and conditions that allow for a decent work/life-balance, everyday it is a pleasure for me to work at Wesselman.

How are the primary and secondary working conditions at Wesselman?
Working at Wesselman is a good step for motivated and ambitious professionals. Wesselman constantly invests in talent, knowledge and the learning of her employees. You are offered multiple internal trainings, both on technical and personal aspects, and get a personal mentor who will assist and help you with all of your questions. Furthermore, Wesselman offers a good and market-oriented salary, pays your study and provides you with your own laptop. If you make it to Senior Assistant Accountant (usually within two to three years) you will be offered a lease car and a business phone at your disposal.

What are the opportunities at Wesselman for graduates?
Just as me several years ago, every year new graduates start their career at Wesselman. At this moment we are still looking for new and motivated colleagues. So, if you are interested in my story and in working for Wesselman Accountants, please don not hesitate to take a look at our website. Perhaps I will see you soon at Wesselman!