Working at PwC

I am Anneloe van de Wijdeven, 23 years old and a Tilburg University Accountancy student. I started my bachelor studies Business Economics in 2012 and am currently finishing my Accountancy master’s. I am writing my thesis at PwC Eindhoven. During my studies, I have been an active member at study association Asset | Accounting & Finance and at student hockey association SHOT, where I was a board member for a full year. Besides, I studied in Madrid for one semester. As a second-year student, I visited several activities from different accounting firms, which all provided me the opportunity to get to know the profession and atmosphere at each of these firms. Through these experiences I knew for sure: I am numerically-minded, looking for a challenge and I get energized from people around me: accountancy it is!

How did you get to work for PwC?
After my exchange in Madrid I started orientating on the accounting profession. Through activities from Asset | Accounting & Finance, like in-house days, network drinks and workshops at the university, I had conversations with representatives of both Big Four firms and SME-oriented auditing firms. I spoke to employers and recruiters from different organizations. I directly felt connected with PwC: attention to your character and interests are their first priority. During the application procedure, they will dive deeper into your motivation for the accounting profession at PwC and will discuss your cognitive abilities. I noticed that not everyone has to comply to one certain profile: diversity leads to bonding.

What does your internship at PwC look like?
On my first day at PwC, I was shown around and introduced to other thesis interns and my future colleagues. I also got a coach assigned who helps me with thesis related questions, work within PwC and opportunities to perform audit work at clients during my internship. This is however not obliged, but I highly recommend it. It was my first encounter with the accountancy profession in practice. During my thesis internship, they involved me in all informal activities, like the Christmas party and drinks. This year I am also joining the ski trip. Furthermore, I have chosen to extend my internship into a two month temporary employment with the audit practices for two months to learn even more.

What are you up to next?
I will kick-start my career in PwC’s The Associate Academy, the leading accountancy traineeship that offers you the opportunity to have clients in all sectors, upcoming september. The high expectations that I have, have influenced my choice for PwC. The prospect of gaining experience in young teams, alternation in different market sectors and personal coaching makes me really enthusiastic. Through my colleagues I have learned more about the practical content of the work, the constant training through development days, but also organized outing and already build a network at PwC.

My ambition is to achieve the RA-title. I will therefore proceed my education through a post-master starting in september. Besides, I attended a recruitment event during my thesis internship and noticed that I like to carry forward my enthusiasm to others. That’s why representing PwC at recruitment events and coaching of new colleagues seems interesting to me. The upcoming years I hope to be able to orient myself further on the accountancy profession and shape a clear image of my (specific) ambitions in the working life.

Do you have any advice for your fellow students?
I would like to advice to students who are still orientating on their future to consider a broad range of activities next to their studies, to create a social network and discover what is specifically of their interest. Joining a student of study association can bring you many opportunities like getting in touch with different firms. The perfect answer to the question for which firm you should choose? Find a firm you feel connected to. You perform best in a pleasant and inspiring environment!