Working at Deloitte

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The step from studying to working is a big one. You have to get used to working hours and obligations, learn a lot and gain new experiences. That was no different for Femke de Boer when she started working at Deloitte Audit over a year ago. Still, she thought it was not so bad. Thanks to the pleasant guidance of experienced colleagues, but also because Femke already knew the office very well from her board experience at study association Asset | Accounting & Finance.

“During my master Accountancy I was a board member External Affairs at our study association in Tilburg”, Femke explains. “A position in which I was responsible for acquiring partners, maintaining contact with existing partners, setting up events and recruiting students for those events. A tough task, but the perfect way to get to know the finance and accountancy firms up close. In addition, I applied for a business course from Deloitte at the end of 2017. We went to Budapest with a select group of 25 students and Deloitte employees. An amazing experience and again a great way to get to know the office.”

Femke obviously made a well-considered choice to work at Deloitte. “In accountancy, apart from the size and type of clients, the work doesn’t differ much from office to office. It is therefore all the more important that you experience whether a company suits you. Colleagues are a big part of your job. If it doesn’t click, it can make your work boring or obnoxious. I therefore mainly made the choice for Deloitte based on the people. This is a place where I can be myself. Of course, the other offices are also good employers, but Deloitte suits me.” It turned out to be an excellent choice. Femke is now a second-year staff member at Deloitte Audit and very enthusiastic about it.

 “I therefore mainly made the choice for Deloitte based on the people.” 

My work is very broad, Femke explains. “From auditing the annual accounts to testing internal control. You get to know the process and the customers from A to Z. Very educative. In addition, like my colleagues, I follow the postmaster to become a chartered accountant. I now learn to link theory and practice. The step is from studying to working is a big one. Also for me. Fortunately, as a starter at Deloitte you get good guidance from experienced colleagues. He or she walks you through your work and explains why we do the things we do. You simply have to learn to understand why you have to perform these checks as an accountant. Time and space is made for your postmaster and there is always someone who can and will help you if you have any questions.”

Because Femke enjoyed the guidance of her colleagues, she herself also started looking for ways to assist others. “Everyone who is promoted will coach a colleague. For me that will take a short while, which is why I recently asked recruitment if I can already contribute. I now guide students who are making the choice for an employer. A lot of fun to do. Of course, I would like to persuade them to come and work at Deloitte, but the main thing is to be transparent. I am very positive about Deloitte as an employer. But the point is that a company has to suit you. That is why I advise everyone to do as much research as possible into the different employers. Go to the events of your study association and get to know the companies. It cannot be done from a flyer at the University Library, you really have to experience it. It takes a little effort, but wouldn’t it be a shame if after years of study you did not discover your optimal future employer just because you did not put in the extra effort?”