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Asset | Accounting & Finance

Study Association for accountancy, controlling, finance & investment theory
Study association Asset | Accounting & Finance is the financial study association of Tilburg University. Asset | Accounting & Finance is an active, professional study association, which focuses on students interested in the fields of accountancy, controlling, finance and investment theory. The association has over 2000 members, who are mainly in the last stage of their study.
By offering study-related as well as career oriented activities, Asset | Accounting & Finance combines the theory of the study and the practice of business. Examples of study-related activities, which the association organizes, are two symposia, a StudyTour and a Financial Business Dinner. Furthermore, Asset | Accounting & Finance participates in the Economic Business weeks Tilburg. Besides, Asset | Accounting & Finance fulfills a supporting role at the study by publishing guidelines and organizing guest lectures and information sessions.
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Sander Werdmuller von Elgg

MSc Finance at Tilburg University