The (Bucket) Attention List

Time is 00:00 o’clock. It is New Year. Social media is trembling with celebration pictures, happy gatherings, best wishes, but also the sharing of the Bucket List hashtags. Starts from number 1 till number infinite. Few examples are: I want to lose weight. I want to get married. I want to become rich. I want.. I want..  Sharing ambitions, I don’t have problems with that. But sharing can sometimes be too much of extravagance thus not realistic anymore. This is more like ‘need for attention’ and ‘doing a favour’ phase. It’s the scratching the back story. (You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours). Or in social media language: Like4Like.

In order to prevent this bucket list changing in attention list I would propose that you keep yourself feeling passionate about your real life – outside the social media. To name a few examples tips;

Spend quality time with your old friends, because they feel like family and known you throughout all your life. They will guide you through your good, but also bad times. They will share your joy and wealth.

Learn/do something new. It can be playing golf, writing, communicating or going to a musical for the first time. You will challenge yourself and will overcome blocks which were (mentally) stopping you do to it.

Eat and drink whatever YOU like, even if it is ‘bad’. Enjoy your meals by treating yourself. You don’t have completely change your diet, but be kind and nice to yourself. By loving your inner self it will make life much more worthy of happiness.

Be in connection with people. Not via social media, but through meetings, visits or calls. Having interactions with others may increase your energy and infuse your enthusiasm for life. Staying in connection with people will help and strengthening a long to go relationship for in the future, in up and down times.

Try to accept love. Sometimes life doesn’t feel all about love and happiness. Don’t get discouraged or give up easily. Sometimes you do need quietness, time for yourself, and balance you inner thoughts. So it’s okay, but be compassionate to other and to yourself.

Get outdoors. Exercise. Have connection with the world, with the nature. It may sound cliche but sharing the beauty all the senses alive will add value to your life.

Tell someone what is bothering you. Worrying or getting stuck on little things will exhaust your mind and your energy. So open up about a worry and let others share your feelings with you. This will definitely help you to progress your assertiveness.

Trust yourself and give yourself the chances you deserve. We only live once, so you should at least try to achieve your ambitions and follow your passions.

Last but not least; avoid your phone! Unless it’s strictly necessary.  You can always Like4Like the following day.


P.S: If you want to know more, have a look at Gay Walley’s book – 50 Ways to Fall in Love with your Life.