In this campus life we pose four different students a topical, interesting and important question. We inquire if students who pay for their studies themselves perform better in the classroom and if they are more motivated.

Fanoes Bayat (20) International Business Administration
I am a strong believer that incentives to perform better in your studies do not arise from financial reasons. Money is not the ultimate motivator, as it is an external factor. I think that internal factors, like wanting to take responsibility or the aim for personal growth create much stronger incentives. As someone whose parents are paying, I can say that it has never affected me negatively in my performance. In fact, it has even made me more motivated to perform well as it was not my own money that was being spent. The fact that my parents are doing this for me automatically makes me feel like I have to give something back, in terms of good results.

Vaidotas Banys (23) MSc Marketing Management
Yes, I agree with the statement. If you pay for something you will eventually just try harder for it. I think you are already motivated at the moment you start with your program. But when you have to pay for it yourself you become more motivated to succeed. I did my bachelor in my home country and I did not have to pay at all, but later they changed the system and now students have to pay for their whole studies. Now they choose the place of studying much more carefully just because they have to invest in it. When you pay money you feel more responsible, but at the same time you have more stress, so you end up not concentrating enough. That could work negatively.

Julius Joosten (25) International Business Administration
I think that is absolutely right, because it serves as a motivator to finish your study in time. If you have study delay, it will cost you more than expected and if you cannot pay for it anymore you are obligated to graduate in time. When your parents decide to pay your tuition, you do not have a part of the motivation you get when you have to pay for it yourself. You will not perform optimally if your studies will be paid for compared to when it is your own responsibility and you have to work or borrow money from the bank. You do feel a little more pressure during exams and crucial moments, but that could have a different outcome for each student.

Daan Peters (22) MSc Finance
I also pay for my study myself, in the sense of paying it from my monthly grant. I started in my program together with many friends from high school who were funded by their parents, while I had to pay for myself. Eventually, I am the only one left. This is why I strongly believe that there is a truth in this statement. People tend to switch programs more often if they do not have to pay for their study themselves. When they do not like their study they are not motivated to still make something out of it. It will also raise the pressure. Because you have to finance your study yourself, it is of great interest to you. On the other hand, when receiving allowance from your parents, there may be some social pressure. If your parents pay, they will push you more and have more social control over you.