Working at Fagro

My name is Koen Polman, I am 24 years old and working at Fagro Consultancy as Junior Consultant since November 2016. I’m originally from Didam, a small village near Arnhem, but after travelling to Tilburg daily for half a year I moved to Tilburg.

What did I study?
In Tilburg I studied the bachelor Business Economics first and afterwards chose for the master Finance. During my last year of my bachelor I became active at study association Asset | Accounting & Finance. I was treasurer of the StudyTour 2014 committee, which organized a trip to Japan. Because I thought it was important to do things next to my studies, I chose to spread my master over 2 years. This enabled me to stay active member of A&F by joining the investments-committee and becoming treasurer of the badminton association for students (TSBV Sauron).

Enough about my past, where am I now?
A couple of months before graduating I came into contact with Fagro by a personal talk during the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg. Twenty minutes went past very quickly and I was invited to drink a cup of coffee at the office in Eindhoven. This first meeting, but also the open conversations that followed were very appealing to me. Fagro is a company that is focused on you as a person and not just what is on your resume. Where some companies work with intake moments, Fagro always has a place for the right people. After a few more conversations, where I got to know all business managers in Eindhoven, followed the competence test; the Virtual Competence Manager. This test analyses your knowledge, skills, motivation, interests and future perspectives. Because of the feedback from this test, you get to know yourself a lot better, not just your strong points, but also your points of improvement.
After this test I got offered a contract. I signed my contract at the beginning of June already, even though I would graduate at the end of August.

Why did I choose Fagro?
Besides the personal match, there were other reasons why I chose for Fagro. I wanted, especially as my first job, to work as a consultant. This way you get in contact with a lot of people, but you also get to see a range of different companies from the inside.

To prove yourself again and again and receive different types of challenging assignments, are things I find important as well. Furthermore, I think it is very important to have enough time for my personal life next to my working life. I have noticed that this balance is very important at Fagro too.

My first assignment at Fagro?
At this moment I just finished my first assignment at Nutricia. I was responsible for mapping the financial obligations they have for the upcoming years. I got the chance to work in an international environment at Nutricia. The average length of an assignment is about 8 to 10 months, but the assignment at Nutricia was a lot shorter. Although there is always space to claim more tasks and more work, thus extend the assignment and improve the business where you are even more. Thus, at Fagro our mission is: ‘Improving your performance’.
After Nutricia I got an assignment at Dura Vermeer, a sizeable construction group within the Netherlands, where they needed a replacement for the financial administration. Besides that, Dura Vermeer is combining the financial administration of two of the business units, where they need my contribution as well. That is one of the beautiful things of consultancy, apart from the fixed work a company hires you for, there is room to implement improvements when you think they are needed.

If you are in between assignments, the business managers work hard to get you another project. In the meanwhile, you work at the office in Eindhoven (or Maastricht or Arnhem). During this period, you can develop yourself in the way that seems most useful for you. For example, I received two Excel-trainings, the last one with macro’s, but I also got training in both advanced communication and assertiveness on location with a professional trainer. I also got to know a couple of colleagues, who you don’t see often apart from the drinks and business meetings.

Until now I have had an amazing time at Fagro and I can’t wait to work at a broad field of different companies and develop myself constantly in the upcoming years. Do you think Fagro would fit you after reading this article? Then I am always open for questions about my activities and I can get you in contact with the right people.

Tips for current students?
Be active besides your study, this way you can develop yourself as much as possible. And, when you are looking for a job, I recommend visiting the companies that you are interested in. This way you get to know the right people and you get a good image of what the company is like. So if are you interested in Fagro, you are very welcome to stop by!