What happened last quarter? Q1: a recap

The first quarter of the new academic year is already in the past. In these first few months, multiple activities took place, related to both Accounting and Finance. This article will look back on these activities, with the chairman of each committee telling their story. They will discuss their personal experience on the process of these activities, from the start, the preparations, to the end, the actual event.

Financial Business Dinner – September 26, 2019

*By Pieter Coenen*

After working hard for the last 9 months, the Financial Business Dinner took place on September 26. The most important job for the committee was to find 15 firms that were eager to be a part of this dinner. Besides finding the firms, looking for an appropriate location for the dinner was necessary. After taking multiple locations in consideration, our choice fell on the same location as last year, restaurant “Hofstede de Blaak”. In order to prepare the students for the dinner, we offered an etiquette workshop prior to the dinner at Bonheur.  After we confirmed the location, the firms and the workshop, we were ready to start the promotion.

To promote the event in a different way than just giving out flyers, we extended a goodie together with each flyer. Besides the goodies and flyers, we had to design a poster. Once this was finished, the registrations were ready to be opened. After a period of intensive promoting, we were able to get many applicants for the dinner. When the registrations closed, we were ready to send the CV’s of the students to the firms. We received the firm’s preferences of certain students and then we had to figure out how to match these in the four courses of the dinner. When we finally solved this puzzle, the students and firms received the email with all the information about the dinner.

”The most important job for the committee was to find 15 firms that were eager to be a part of this dinner.”

The day started at half past three with the workshop in etiquette. This taught the students the specific etiquette rules regarding a dinner. After this workshop, the committee welcomed all the students and firms and we were ready to start with the dinner. After each course a bell rung as a sign for the students to move tables, to eat the next meal with another company. After the dessert, I gave an expression of gratitude as the chairman of the committee, and Allard van Hees, the chairman of Asset | Accounting & Finance gave his speech of thanks afterwards. The evening ended with a closing drink, where the students got the opportunity to speak to the firms that caught there eye.

Looking back on the Financial Business Dinner I feel proud on this successful edition of the event. I want to thank the fifteen participating firms, Accuracy, Achmea, DAF, Eiffel, Fagro, First Dutch Innovations, FrienslandCampina, Johnson&Johnson, Jumbo, Mars, Parcom, Pepsico, Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames, Van Oers Corporate Finance, and Zanders. Beside the firms, I want to thank my fellow committee members, and in particular the coordinator Steyn van Poppel for their help.

Audit Activity – September 30, 2019

*by Wouter Janssen*

After a little more than eight months of preparation, the very first Audit Activity took place on September 30, 2019. After careful consideration, the committee decided to organize a cocktail workshop. We thought this was the perfect way to be active in an informal way and to be able to network in the meantime. In addition, it was decided to end the evening with a dinner at Bistro St. Sjaak. In the meantime, the day of the Audit Activity was approaching, the goodie was being designed, the participating companies were announced, the promotional material was made, and the students were informed in advance about this new event. The participating companies during this edition were: De Beer, Govers, Mazars and Bakertilly.

”After a little more than eight months of preparation, the very first Audit Activity took place on September 30, 2019.”

In the afternoon of September 30, the committee, followed by companies and students, gathered at Café Stoffel, where the cocktail workshop would take place. The enthusiastic CoCo employees taught us all sorts of interesting facts about cocktails, while the participants in the meantime enjoyed a welcome cocktail. After this, the students were divided between the four companies and the workshop started. A taste and smell test was carried out in succession, after which the participants could make and taste their own shots. After everyone had finished their shot, it was time to make their own cocktail. This turned out to be a test between the teams, as the team that could make eight cocktails the fastest could win a prize. The winning team eventually left with eight shake cups. After the workshop it was time for a dinner at St. Sjaak. Here too, the participants had the opportunity to network with the participating companies. During three courses, the participants enjoyed dishes such as shrimp croquettes and black halibut. After the dinner there was a short drink and the evening ended around 9 p.m.

In retrospect, as chairman of the committee, I look back on a successful afternoon and evening. Hereby I would like to thank my fellow committee members Shanti and Thomas as well as the coordinators Daniek and Nina for their effort in recent months. I also want to express my gratitude to De Beer, Govers, Mazars and Baker Tilly. Finally, I want to thank the participating students for their presence. Perhaps until the next event!