Lustrum IV Gold Rush

This year Asset | Accounting & Finance celebrates her twentieth birthday. This lustrum was celebrated extensively with a number of festive activities in the spring of 2019. I had the honour to organize these lustrum activities together with my great committee. During the lustrum, we organized multiple activities and events.

Our first activity was the lustrum weekend in Cologne. We departed by bus to this destination, known for the Dom, on Friday April 12 at noon. During the first activity, the crazy 88, participants could immediately get to know the city.  After a tasteful dinner, alumni could relive their old memories together with the now active members through a beercantus. Led by the cantus band it became a great party for everyone.

The next day we started with rafting on the river Rhine. There was still quite a fresh breeze for April, but that certainly did not spoil the fun! Having warmed up after this activity, we were off to exploring Kölsche beer in some of the numerous ‘Brauhäuser’ in the city. The great atmosphere of these beerhouses continued during the diner in Em Kölsche Boor, where we prepared ourselves for the upcoming night whilst enjoying drinks served by a temperamental Italian waiter. After a short refreshment break in our hostel, we went to night club Wiener Steffie where we delved further into German culture.

This weekend was a forerunner for the festive lustrum week starting on the 6th of May with our first informal day. This splashing water activity made some of us discover their unrevealed skills. True surf and kneeboard talents were born during this activity. This wateractivity left us with quite an appetite, which was taken away by a lovely diner at Bolle and a drink at the Nachtwacht afterwards.

“Hereafter, the almanac was presented, a collection of memories of the past five year, which we are very proud of.”

The official opening of the fourth lustrum was in the evening of the next day. I had the honour to be chairman this evening. After I explained the achievements of the committee and the theme ‘Gold Rush’, it was time to introduce the first speaker. Cees Martens started by telling about the merger of the associations that would later become Asset after which FST (Financial Studyassociation Tilburg) continued as Asset | Accounting & Finance. Cees was followed by Lasse Blazejewski, Independent Chairman of Asset. He shed some light on the relations between the different departments and Asset | Accounting & Finance. The last spearker, Stijn van de Laar, shared his view on Asset | Accounting & Finance nowadays from his role as the chairman and ended with thanking our lustrum partners WVDB Advisors and Accountants and Kasparov: Intermediary in Financials. Hereafter, the almanac was presented, a collection of memories of the past five year, which we are very proud of.

The second informal day took place on Wednesday May 8. We gathered at the city brewery 013 to get a tour of the brewery and hear some interesting stories about the brewing process in a boat of the city brewery. Pleased with this interesting knowledge and some tasteful beers, we headed of to the Heuvel Gallery to have diner. The barbecue buffet was needed for the second beercantus of the lustrum we had afterwards. Despite the musical qualities of the band, we sure had a great night. A lunch in the Esplanade building the next day, helped us to recover again.

A part of the committee travelled to Baarlo in the early Saturday morning. It was time to prepare the castle for the guests for the gala that night. After spending several hours on the goodies, the red carpet and all the decorations, we were ready for the guests to check in. After some time to change, everyone was welcome for the opening drink, where everyone could enjoy of the oysters. After the opening drink, a group picture was made in the castle garden and we moved to the diner room. We had a four course meal accompanied by some jazz music. After the dinner, the group moved to the chapel for the big party. At the start, everyone received a glass of champagne from the champagne tower, which everyone could enjoy during the performance of the band. Together with the unlimited range of cocktails and all the other drinks, the organization has made it a spectacular gala.

Finally, I would like to thank the committee and the coordinator for successfully organizing the fourth lustrum of Asset | Accounting & Finance. Daniek, Daphne, Janine, Linsey, Pieter, Sem, Thijs and Shaiana, we did it!